Welcome!  We are One Body Global Ministries Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving Ometepe Island, Nicaragua.

Our Mission:

Preparing minds, bodies and spirits utilizing the gifts given to us empowering the extreme impoverished in Ometepe Island, Nicaragua, so we may all live as One Body in Christ.

Guiding Pillars:

To achieve our mission, we focus on our three (3) guiding pillars, as the hands and feet of Jesus :

1.   Minds – Education
– English as a second language classes for children & young adults
– Sponsorship of primary education students (uniforms & supplies)
– Scholarship assistance for college students (books, materials, food & transport)

2.   Bodies – Nutrition, Wellness & Movement
– Food assistance to families in times of economic hardship
– Assistance for medical transportation and supplies when needed
– Water filtration systems & implementation

3.   Spirit – Prayer & Fellowship
– Fellowship, prayer & bible study
– Outreach projects in the communities