Welcome!  We are One Body Global Ministries in Ometepe Island, Nicaragua.

Our Mission:

Preparing minds, bodies and spirits utilizing the gifts given to us through God’s grace, so we may all live as One Body of Christ in His honor, glory and mercy.

Guiding Pillars:

To achieve our mission, we are currently constructing a permanent Mission House to serve as our Nicaraguan headquarters and to host visiting volunteer teams focusing on our pillars:

1.   Minds – Education
– English as a second language classes
– Sponsorship of primary education students (uniforms & supplies)
– Scholarship assistance for college students (books, materials, food & transport)

2.   Bodies – Movement & Wellness
– Exercise, stretching, mobility, relaxation & nutrition classes
– Assistance for medical transportation
– Food assistance – in times of economic hardship

3.   Spirit – Prayer & Fellowship
– Fellowship, prayer & bible study
– Outreach into the farming community